March 09, 2021

When bought online, very few shoppers plan to pay full price for goods and services. In order to improve sales retention rates and increase consumer satisfaction, retailers routinely integrate coupons and discounts into their marketing campaigns. Let’s do a breakdown of coupons you should try on your website!

Welcome Coupons: Welcome coupons are distributed to potential customers who initially sign up for a product or service. These coupons are typically used as discount coupons for a consumer’s first purchase. The motive of businesses using welcome coupons is to get the customers who hesitate to buy products to actually buy the product. When doing this, the business is able to give the right monetary incentive to the consumer.

Welcome Coupon


Flash Sales: Flash sales increase the traffic of a business’s website by offering deals such as a weekend sale or free shipping over a period of time. Flash sales are a great way to encourage more site clicks and surge purchases with the notion of exclusivity. After all, consumers would rather make purchases when items are at a lower cost. 

Flash Sale Coupon


New Product Coupons: By presenting a discount on a new product for a short amount of time, new product coupons add to customer awareness of a business’s new goods. These coupons help buyers to explore a different product or new services. This is beneficial because businesses are able to get recognition for their expanded product lines. 

New Product Coupon


Holiday Coupons: Holiday coupons are discounts for products specifically during the holiday season. For example, offering a holiday coupon during December could be beneficial because most Americans are searching for gifts for their loved ones. If a business sends out a holiday coupon during this time, consumers will be more likely to consider that business for their purchases.

Holiday Coupon


VIP Coupons: VIP coupons can be accumulated from loyalty accounts and their corresponding purchase points. It is important for organizations to reward their loyal customers because it incentivizes them to maintain their purchasing behaviors. After all, consumers trust businesses that appreciate them. 

VIP Coupon


Abandoned Cart Coupons: Abandoned cart coupons are offered when customers decide to not make the final purchase during the checkout process. These coupons cause customers to remember their potentially forgotten purchase. Further, the discount provides an additional incentive if price was ever a potential aversion.

Abandoned Carts Coupon


Sorry Coupons: Sorry vouchers are a means for customers who are not happy with the service or commodity offered by a corporation to be reimbursed. They allow buyers to return and buy another product/service at a cheaper rate. Word of mouth marketing is incredibly popular in this technological age. Therefore, having consumers have a positive association with your business is essential. 

Sorry Coupon


Review or Rating Coupons: Review or rating coupons reward customers who leave favorable feedback on recently bought products. This encourages customers to continue shopping while feeling good about the company. After all, if they liked their initial purchase, they are likely to be interested in making another one. 

Review and Rating Coupon


These are the coupons that we find to be the most successful, however any offered discount can go a long way! Although there is no real substitute for offering premium goods and rational prices, as the market heats up coupons do a great job of increasing sales volume.