March 16, 2021

We have many incredible guests on our Pop Secrets Podcast and recently had the pleasure of speaking with PJ Prunty. He is the president of the Danbury Chamber of Commerce and shared his unique experience with being able to Profit off Passion!

PJ Prunty

“We offer many services to our members, but the main one to value isconnections.”


What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A chamber of commerce, or board of trade, is a form of business network. Giving the opportunity to business owners in towns and cities to form these local societies in which they can advocate on behalf of the business community and connect with one another.


What are the benefits?

When starting a business it’s all about networking. The Chamber of Commerce has large numbers of members allowing you to easily reach and connect with other businesses. Thus, this comes with many benefits such as gaining knowledge, resources, and marketing. 

Chamber of Commerce Member Benefits

How do Chambers of Commerce make money?

The Chamber organizes trade fairs several times in a year. Businesses that attend the events can promote their products and services (for a fee). The Chamber then profits from benefiting your business in networking.


Is it worth it to join?

It is worth it-The chamber is an affordable group that will foster immediate connections and promote your business. The connections and resources are much more valuable than in traditional marketing. 


PJ Prunty shared “One of the key things people look for when they join the chamber is referrals, and making introductions to B2B and that’s how you grow your business.” He describes the chamber as “Networking 101”.


Want to learn more?

For more information about the Danbury Chamber of Commerce check out our Pop Secrets Podcast and hear from the man himself why YOU should join the community.


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