March 12, 2021

What’s an Aesthetic? It seems like everyone talks about it as though it’s common knowledge but there was no class in high school called Aesthetic 101 - and yet, if you’ve ever looked up any article on branding or social media marketing, it’s talked about time and time again. An overly simplified substitution is that something is pretty or “pleasing to look at”. Aesthetics in marketing and business goes hand in hand with branding, which is about a consistent visual representation that tells the consumer what that product is and what the company stands for. A good example of an aesthetic that results in effective branding is Coca-Cola. The iconic red and vintage lettering is so original and consistent that anyone can instantly recognize it. 

Coca-Cola Aesthetic ExampleCoca-Cola Red Instagram Aesthetic

 Now, Coca-Cola has the advantage of already being an established and well-known company, so their social media goals may differ from a small business. This brand and feed is a great example of using color and text to create an aesthetic. The big reason Coca-Cola is a great example for what an aesthetic is, is that it’s very simple. A lot of time you will look at an Instagram feed or a fashion brand, and you enjoy it and love the way it looks but it’s hard to pinpoint what holds it all together. For this brand, it’s simple and easy to point out. This strategy is conceptually easy and can result in memorable impressions for companies.

Not all brands are this simple. Maybe you're still a small business and want to introduce your brand to a wider audience. Or maybe you're a local business and want to attract the trendsetters in your city and have a variety of products that come in different colors! The two examples below are from a wine company and a restaurant, aesthetically a direct contrast to the Coca-Cola vibe and yet, still pleasing to look at, as well as consistently “on brand.” So which formula is the best? This depends on who you're asking! The brand must appeal to the market most likely to become your customer.

A great way to start learning aesthetics is to go on Pinterest and search the word. You’ll see examples of aesthetics for TV shows and colors, even for characters and lifestyles. Then, you can create different mood boards and experiment. It may look easy to see a company's feed, and see a perfectly curated aesthetic but it usually takes years and a steady evolution to get to that level. The level of detail that it takes to create an aesthetic is hard to describe, you look at every color and every shade, what time of day the photos are taken, lighting and tone, and even fonts and spacing. Overall, it is important for any business that wants to attract new customers or create brand awareness to master their personal aesthetic.  


Wine Instagram Aesthetic

iDayDreamStudios Instagram

Here at iDayDream Media, we use the "DayDream" concept to build on our aesthetic. From our logo, to our website, to our Merch and especially to our Social Media platforms, the signature blue and yellow colors with our recognizable cloud are prevalent. Our team of digital marketers keeps this in mind when working on our branding and wish to bring the same consistency to all our clients. Aesthetics create emotion in consumers, which is what leads to brand loyalty in the end, and that is the goal for ALL our happy clients!