March 17, 2021

Video editing has always provided me a freedom that I never thought possible. While the idea of it always seemed tedious and boring, the actual act is some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Throughout my life, high school, college, and now during work, I have always done something involving video editing in some regard. Back when Youtube was very new, and videos were being done by just regular people, my friends and I would go into iMovie and start creating something to post. While none of those videos would be considered good today, I’m still happy with what I made because it was so much fun to do so. However, through all the people I’ve spoken to about it, most people do not share the same ideals about video editing as I do. I’m here to talk about why video editing can be more fun than it looks on the surface level, and how learning to edit videos can be a real benefit in the advertising business. 

Adobe Premier Video Editing

Video editing is a passion of mine for a few reasons. The first reason is that it gives me a sense of control that I don’t usually get in my normal life. I like being able to put the video together to create something special and entertaining. Gathering a lot of ideas together and making something entertaining and interesting is something I’m very proud of. You’d think that if someone asked you to put specific things in the video, then you’d lose your creative freedom. This isn’t entirely true. Yes you don’t get to make the video what you want, but you still get to make it how you want. I’ve had someone watch me over my shoulder, asking for specific things in the video, and yet I still felt like I was in control of the production. “Make the volume softer,” meant I could make it soft to my liking. “Add a fade here,” meant I could fade it out how I wanted, either using an effect or adjusting the settings on the clip. I still felt in control of this editing process, even if I wasn’t the one deciding what the video included. 

Video Camera



Another reason I love editing is for the process itself. It’s similar to completing a puzzle. Once you have all of the pieces together, you’re able to fit them together to your liking, so that the video is what you want. The difference is that, once you complete it, you can improve it from there if need be. Some pieces may fit together, but they could be better somewhere else. Maybe different audio, or moving one image to a different location, or even having to shoot new footage or new audio so the video ends up perfect could be the solution to the puzzle. Once you finish it, you can look at your work with a lot of satisfaction, and you get to see it before anyone else does. This is what excites me about editing. 




The biggest reason I love editing however, is that it taught me how to be patient. Waiting for clips to render or waiting to get the necessary clips for the video can be boring and tedious. Though being able to wait for those things proved to be very valuable to my everyday life. I love being able to edit videos, whether they’re my own or for someone else. These are all important to my life, and I am thankful that I get to do this so frequently.