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Entrepreneur & Innovator:
Chris Mateo

Founder of iDayDream Media Chris Mateo has BIG DREAMS for his business and partners. Utilizing the creative assets built over the past 10 years. Mateo has been able to grow multiple businesses using his suave combination of online and offline marketing to drive brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. His passion for marketing and business started as a child but really became reality in 2011 after a tragic loss in the family lead him to question his meaning on this planet. He knew he wanted to leave a strong family legacy. So he partnered with his cousin Kenny V to build up a music and lifestyle brand named DayDream. After a couple months they made money from their clothes and music and started to host events and charge for entry and performance slots. That's when Chris realized Kenny wasn't the only one that needed help with marketing and sales and they started to offer photo and video services at their events and then got into owning business.